1980s Cort Double Cutaway

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1980s Cort Double Cutaway in smoking hot red finish. In nice vintage shape. Showing some wear and but nothing to remarkable.

This is a classic 80s MIK (Made In Korea) guitar from a tome whem hair metal ruled the airwaves, and this guitar was on point to that sound. It bears some hot pickups that try and get close to a Dimarzio sound. The tremolo looks similar to a Strat and works fine. This particular model is very strange as the tremolo is not a feature you see often.

Cort quickly became known as a manufacturer of low-cost, high-quality guitars. They introduced the first Cort brand guitars to the market in 1982. In the early stages of production, Cort focused on special production and sample production of guitars based on classic designs from the 50s and 60s, allowing famous OEM buyers to more easily evaluate and review the quality of the guitars. Eventually, Cort’s own brand guitars were launched and sold in the market. This one is a example from those days


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