Bad Cat Cub IIR & 1×12″ Extension Speaker Cabinet

1,250 Eur



Bad Cat Cub IIR & 1×12″ Extension Speaker Cabinet with white tolex both in nice used condition. The head is in mint condition and the cabinet has no tears in the tolex but just some light creamy stainds from the head legs.

Both the Bad Cat Cub IIR & 1×12″ Extension Speaker Cabinet are classic American-made, hand-built tube amplifier, the Bad Cat Cub II is one of the most advanced 15-watt amplifiers of its kind on the market. This updated Cub has added reverb that sounds balmy and lush. With low ends that are warm and tight and highs that are brilliantly sweet, you can choose between five variations of focus positions as you switch between the bass and treble control to the five-way tone rotary for a solid mid-range punch. Switch the master volume in or out of the circuit. Or, when entertaining a small crowd, the half-power switch provides the perfect volume.

The Cub II features touch sensitivity that goes from a smooth chime-like sound to a dynamic break-up overdrive with a single touch of a pick. The multi-dimensional complex tones that purr from the amp are perfect for singer-songwriters and respected by recording engineers.

This is Big Cat in a small box. The Cub delivers a pristine clean to wam and dirty output capability. The Cub is easy to transport and built like tanks. It can only be appreciated by putting the Cub through it’s paces. For creative and pleasing tones, you’ll find the Cub to be yoru most loyal performance tool. Control knobs include Volume, Interactive Bass and Treble, Cut, Reverb and Master Volume. The Cub’s dual EL84 power section boasts an uncommon array of tonal shapes.

  • 15 Watt
  • 2 input, 2 EL84 with Reverb Electronics
  • Power: 15/7 Watt Class A

1×12″ Extension Speaker Cabinet

  • Dimensions: Height: 18.5″, Width 24″, Depth 10.5″
  • Speaker: 1x 12″ , 8 ohm Bad Cat Proprietary UK Celestion Speaker
  • Construction: Open Back
  • Cabinet Material: Finger-Joined 11 Ply Baltic Birch
  • Handle: Heavy Duty Hand-Stiched Leather
  • Corners: Powder Coated Steel

About Bad Cat Amps:

Bad Cat Amplifiers emulate classic vintage tones with craftsmanship, quality and options that surpass most vintage and re-issued amplifiers. All tube, pure Class A with tube rectification, hand built, hand wired, Teflon coated wiring, post-to-post only with no circuit boards, neatly tucked and tied harnessing, over spec hand wound transformers, highest quality components, shock mounted tubes with protective shields, best available matched tube sets, industrial grade plated and welded steel chassis, chickenhead knobs, heavy duty power cord, backlit Bad Cat logo, Bad Cat proprietary Celestion speakers, heavy vinyl covering, 13-ply birch cabinet, pro handle and corners. Tones Beyond the Limits of the Ordinary.


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