1989 Greco JLG-85

1.500  Eur



1989 Greco JLG-85 made in Japan. His only owner to date bought this guitar in Japan 1989.

Greco JLG-85 specs:

Solid body: maple
Neck: maple 3piece
F.board: rosewood, 21 frets, 305R, 20,75″ scale
Pickup: PU-RG7x3
Control: 2volumen, 2 tone, balancer, 3 way SW
Finish: Urethane
Color: Black
Made in Japan
Year: 1989

Greco catalog 1989

This Greco JLG-85 is a great find for Japanese vintage’s collectors and Beatles enthousiasts. Here you got this rare Greco JLG-85, a perfect replica of John Lennon’s modified Rickenbacker 325.

Just like the Rickenbacker this Greco JLG-85 features the 20,75″ scale lenght which is typical for this model. The obvious guess is that “JLG” simply stands for “John Lennon Guitar”, and the Bigsby-style vibrato resembles that on Lennon’s guitar. The original 325 had a Rickenbacker designed vibrato unit, but Lennon modded his with a Bigsby. Only difference between the Ric and this Greco is that the Greco is a solidbody guitar while the Ric features a semi-hollow design.

Greco is wellknown for being one of the first companies to built outstanding so-called “pre-lawsuit” replicas of mostly Strat’s, Tele’s and LP’s, but this Rickenbacker replica is very unknown. Rickenbacker has a reputation in sueing companies repliying there models, so this has only been produced for the Japanese market in very low numbers.

Greco is a brand of electric guitars produced by Kanda. Kanda Shokai (Shokai means trading company) is a musical instrument wholesaler mostly known for being part of Fender Japan.

Kanda Shokai was established in 1948 and the Greco brand name was started in 1960. It was not until 1966/1967 that Kanda Shokai began marketing Greco Telecaster-like models. Originally, Kanda Shokai used the ‘Greco’ brand name for the solid body models and used the ‘Canda’ brand name for its Acoustic models, basing this on the company name Kanda (Canda). In the mid/late 1960s, Kanda Shokai also exported some Greco-branded guitars based on Hagström and EKO designs for Avnet/Goya in the USA. These guitars were made by the FujiGen and Matsumoku (and possibly Teisco) guitar factories and were very similar to the late 1960s Ibanez guitars based on Hagström and EKO designs. Kanda Shokai also marketed a few original designs in the late 60s including the Greco Semi-hollow “Shrike” guitars which were imported and marketed first by Goya and later by Kustom.


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